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Thirty years ago at the age of just twenty-three years old Dolores Dios entered the world of Title Searching. She began her career with the same fierce determination that has made her a recognized provider of accurate title abstracts in New Jersey. Although she was new to the record rooms she was no stranger to the courthouses and she saw the great opportunity that lay ahead of her there. As the daughter of a Superior Court Judge she was in and out of the courthouses her whole life; but now she was approaching those old stone buildings in an entirely different way; with two young boys at home she was determined to make her life working inside the dusty deed vaults that are hidden behind those old stone walls.

Through her experiences she knew that to be the best she had to learn from the best. Emil Resciniti was an old fashioned lawyer, he not only knew how to search, but he searched each and every one of his own titles. Armed with just a # 2 pencil and a yellow legal pad Dolores began learning the skills of the industry from Mr. Resciniti. In 1976 photocopiers were still not in common use, but this didn't slow Dolores down one bit; once Dolores was confident and doing well in Essex County, she went off to learn how to search in other counties. She wanted to master all of the indices of all of the vaults. Before Dolores ventured off to the other counties she learned how to use a protractor. She had a strict teacher who demanded perfection, and Dolores did not disappoint him, nor did she disappoint her ever-growing client base.

Ten years later and now with three young boys at home Dolores was becoming a veteran of the vaults. She had been to Morris where her plotting skills were challenged, she mastered the dual systems of Hudson County, she searched near the water to learn about riparian rights, and although she never wanted to make a foothold there, she even traveled to New York to learn the block and lot systems. As she traveled from record-room to record-room honing her skills she had laid out a path for herself. Dolores created a loop through Northern New Jersey that allowed her to travel, to search, to deliver her jobs, and to make it home in time to put dinner on the table for her growing sons.

The 1980s saw many changes in the title world.  The title companies that we know today came into being and soon became Dolores' main client base.   Photo copying became increasingly popular until eventually nobody wanted hand written abstracts.   With the advent of the beeper came an opportunity for a higher level of service and accountability, as well as the faster turnaround time that soon became the standard.  Dolores used to spend three hours a day on the phone taking orders and delivering results.   She even found remote pay phones in less frequented hall ways of the court houses to make and take her calls.   The fax machine was a miracle, and just in time for the famous late 80's real estate boom! It saved hours and hours of telephone time, allowing Dolores to really start pumping out the work.  Then came the cellular phone; allowing Dolores to handle all her client's calls with out having to find a remote hall ways.  In both cases Dolores was among the first of her piers to recognize the advantages that these technologies provided and how they could help her improve the quality of service to her clients.

During her career as a Title Abstractor, Dolores has always searched counties all over New Jersey.  She used to go to as many as 5 counties a day.   Her evenings would be spent driving from one client to another, dropping off work in late night drop-boxes or under doormats.   As times changed and business increased, she began to train assistants and ultimately developed a staff all personally trained by her to handle the counties in which she provided coverage.  After all how could she be in 8 counties first thing every morning to call in all her rundowns before 10:30? Dolores is now the mentor and has become the strict teacher.  Many members of her staff have been searching with her for years, others are still learning. She even takes in apprentices from Saint Benedict's Preparatory School.  She has kids who work for her summer after summer and then after college come to work fulltime.  All of her searchers enjoy the challenge of a difficult search. The title industry is now on the cusp of another major technological change; everyone is becoming computer savvy, lawyers are e-filing, title agents want to use electronic documents, and again, Dolores sees the opportunity to provide faster and more reliable service to her clients. At the same time Dolores sees the chance to build better personal connections with her clients in this ever shrinking world. Dolores has been searching for thirty years, and those boys that she used to rush home to are still hanging around. Sean her oldest is running the office side of the business, Matt her youngest is developing the information systems behind this website, and Zach her middle son has not yet returned to the business, but he is working hard earning his PHD in lasers and electrical engineering. Thank you for taking the time to read about Dolores, now please enjoy the rest of our site, order a few jobs, check the status of some recent orders and download the ones that are ready and waiting for you!

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